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The origins of Whaling City Solar

Whaling City Solar was founded in 2020 to create a better customer experience in purchasing solar equipment. We see a lot of door knocking, cold calling and social media ads companies showing one picture of solar, while in reality solar systems can take dozens of forms. We founded our company to tailor fit each and every array to its home and owners.

Like the before and after of our logo, it’s been amazing to see our abstract vision of the company transform into our first installations this year. We believe that solar installations should be transparent and straightforward like all of your other home improvement projects. Our team is made of engineers, project managers and foremen – ready to work with you directly with no sales commissions or call centers. We appreciate the opportunity to quote your local project and win your business the old fashioned way with friendly service, great pricing and the best equipment available.

Our Service Area – Our Service Area – We will install on residences and small businesses anywhere in south eastern MA and Cape Cod.

A few of our projects so far this year in Mattapoisett, New Bedford and Westport.


Solar panels are great for the environment and they are great for our bank accounts.  We understand that standard utility power is all most of us have ever known, but in reality it’s becoming…well…dated.  Beyond the obvious effect burning fossil fuels is having our natural world, it’s expensive to run those power plants to modern safety standards and then send it out hundreds of miles over the grid.  As a result solar adoption has increased by 49% per year since the 2010, which probably matches what see around your own hometown and neighborhood.  All this volume has also caused the price of solar installations to drop 38% in the past 5 years,  so even if you’ve explored it in the past it may be time to look at the numbers again.


Southeastern MA is our home. It’s not just a satellite office for us. It’s where our team lives, works and raises our families. We’re as up close and personal with the local weather, electrical inspectors and bank lenders as you are. That’s one of our Co-Founders Adam smiling outside of his 10kW installation in Fairhaven. Have us come out and see first hand how much we love what we do. You’ll get a clear quote from us within 24 hours of your site visit with costs, timelines and projected financials for your new solar lifestyle.

World Class Solar Hardware

Whaling City Solar is devoted to excellence in researching, testing and teaching the solar equipment we use on our installations. Please visit our blog to learn more about the different brands we like and why.

Solar Modules : REC 410W, Solaria 430W, QCell 405W and many more. 

Inverters: Enphase IQ8+  Micro-inverters – SolarEdge String Inverters with Optimization.

Storage: Enphase Encharge  – FranklinWH Battery– SPAN Battery system controllers 

If you’ve received other quotes and would like us to match equipment apples to apples, just ask!


Hey there stranger, we don’t know anything about each other yet! If we’re going to work together for a few months let’s make sure we’re on the same page upfront. On our end we’d like to learn some more about what’s already on your property to see if what we want to add is a good fit or not. We’re talking about things like roof shingles, rafters, energy usage and electrical box/meter locations. On your end… well let’s be honest you want to know how much everything costs and how much money it will save. We can get you your pricing as soon as we know what we’re working with.

Time to get moving on real work! Massachusetts is one of the most lucrative solar states, but it’s also one of the most regulated. Before your solar system can start working you’ll need 3 major permits: Eversource Permission to Interconnect, then your Town Building and Electrical Permits. Each of these permits takes a stack of compliance paperwork and engineering stamps that we manage 100% in house. In total each solar system requires over 50 pages of documentation, which takes us anywhere from 2 to 5 weeks to get checked and approved by the these public entities.

Once we’ve got the green light from all the governing body your project will get added to our Master Electrician’s schedule. We send the crew to arrive in the early morning of install with all of the panels, inverters and electrical equipment ready to complete the job in one day. Half the crew start on the electrical panel and inverters on the ground, the other half start installing rails and module hardware on the roof, and by the afternoon they’re meeting in the middle to tie together. Of course a large installation can spill over into a second day, but most of our projects are done and cleaned up 4pm.

After installation it’s time for another round of inspections and regulatory paperwork to show what was approved was exactly what was installed and that it was installed properly. This involves the town electrical inspector, another structural stamp and another layer of Net Metering paperwork. When everything passes we’ll energize your system and the electricity will start feeding your home immediately.

Once your system is turned on, your next bill will reflect the extra power you created that month. You’ll also start receiving your Class 1 REC incentive checks each month. You’ll have your own login to a monitoring portal that reports your system production 24/7 direct form your inverter. Watch out, checking how much you saved from month to month can get addicting!

Want to start learning more about the details before signing up for a site visit? We get it. Here’s 3 ways you can start learning right now.

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