New Bedford solar installation company seeking large amounts of scallops in exchange for panels.

Whaling City Solar is a solar installation company in New Bedford, Massachusetts at 1213 Purchase Street. Our focus is on building residential solar power projects differently than the people that knock on your door, and cold call you so very often. We think that by being solar installers that give you a price up front – and breaking down how we come to that number -we will get your attention. If you want to pay in equivalent value of goods who are we to argue?

We give our pricing via our See Thru Solar tool – please do check it out!

There are several technical considerations for solar installations in New Bedford – most of them related to the weather.

A primary architectural consideration is that it snows on the South Coast, and sometimes that snow will melt and then refreeze. Part of the work we do when attaching to our wood frame homes, is that we use specifically designed metals and other hardware to handle the expansion that comes as a result of these freezing-unfreezing cycles.

Generally, your latitude and longitude give you a clue for the almost most efficient angle to place your solar panels. Our 42 degree latitude in Massachusetts is a good number to think about, but not dwell on. Since most of our roofs are inclined at a high angle to allow the snow to run off of, it works out for us. To be honest, solar panels at 42 degrees would actually cause structural issues with all of our ocean winds – so like below – we tend to attach solar panels using the “flush mount” technique.

Our local experience let’s us choose the right installation angles that jive with local engineering requirements, as well, the solid equipment to align with our weather conditions.


Every once in a while we meet a New Bedford resident who already has solar panels installed, sometimes owned and sometimes leased. When we ask why they made the decision to move forward with the project we hear the same 3 reasons again and again:

  • My monthly electric bill savings
  • I wanted to do my part to reduce our homes carbon footprint
  • I prefer producing my own energy independently

You’ll be able to see all the savings and production numbers on our free roof analysis before you decide anything with us. The monthly savings estimates will be accurately modeled and tailored to New Bedford’s exact electrical rates and incentives offered through Eversource East

A homeowner with good sunlight could expect to recapture an upfront solar investment within 5 years.  If the upfront investment to complete the installation requires financing, we’ll spread out smaller payments over 10 or 15 years so you can do a bill swap in your favor. 

If you’d like to get to know us since we’re local, please do reach out. We’ll invite you to sites that we’ve already installed – like the site at the top of this article located at the corner of 7th and Madison just south of downtown.

As well, if you’d like to really get in touch with us – you know, as human beings instead of guys on a website – come find us! Our General Manager, Adam Gent – who went to high school in the north end and lives across the bridge with his wife and dog and electric car in Fairhaven – can be found downtown showing off our work, at Green Bean drinking a coffee, or maybe Rose Alley if its an afternoon for chicken wings and a beer.

And we really do want to show off our work, like the downtown project below – which has a funny angle for this picture – but which shows off our great fishing port and a nice solar panel.

Pretty *cool* that you can power the cooling of your house with some squares on your roof – and that in about five year’s that cooling will be essentially free for the next 20 years!

Wish you could evaluate solar for yourself without the high pressure sales visit?

Just let us know what you’d like to see up there on that empty roof.