Thank You For Scheduling a Meeting

Thank You For Scheduling Your Call!

Stop paying full price for electricity from Eversource if you have a sunny roof or yard! Not when it’s so easy to make your own power with a home solar panel system. There are a few cape cod solar companies to choose from, do your research and get some quotes.

The local team here at Whaling City Solar would love for one of those quotes to come from us. Whether you’re in Falmouth, Barnstable, Chatham or beyond, we will design, permit, install and service your new solar array for years to come.

You may be curious for a few details. Our average Cape Cod installation is around 20 solar panels which can fit on one side of the roof. Each solar panel is now efficient enough that to convert 450kWh’s of electricity every year out of nothing but sunshine. Then next year every panel does it again next year like clockwork, over a warrantied lifespan of 25 years. That 20 panel average array is big enough 100% eliminate a $225/month electric bill. How many panels does your home need to cut your carbon footprint and reach to your goal of energy independence?

Got some time now? Here’s the direct line to call Adam our General Manager – 508-415-5661, he’ll be happy to pick up. Go ahead and ask some beginner questions, we don’t mind.

Or instead grab a time on the Whaling City Solar Calendar and we’ll get in touch to schedule a free site visit, financial analysis and project estimate.

Why should you consider adding solar to you home?

Solar panels are great for the environment and they are great for our bank accounts.  We understand that standard utility power is all most of us have ever known, but in reality it’s becoming…well…dated.  Beyond the obvious effect burning fossil fuels is having our natural world, it’s expensive to run those power plants to modern safety standards and then send it out hundreds of miles over the grid.  As a result solar adoption has increased by 49% per year since the 2010, which probably matches what see around your own hometown and neighborhood.  All this volume has also caused the price of solar installations to drop 38% in the past 5 years,  so even if you’ve explored it in the past it may be time to look at the numbers again.

Why should you consider a free site visit from us?

Southeastern MA is our home. It’s not just a satellite office for us. It’s where our team lives, works and raises our families. We’re as up close and personal with the local weather, electrical inspectors and bank lenders as you are. That’s one of our Co-Founders Adam smiling outside of his 10kW installation in Fairhaven. Have us come out and see first hand how much we love what we do. You’ll get a clear quote from us within 24 hours of your site visit with costs, timelines and projected financials for your new solar lifestyle.