Masterclass: 8 Steps to a DIY Solar installation – Step 2

Hey everyone, Adam here. We hope that you’ve started on and are enjoying our sister-series An Engineer’s Guide to the Big Picture. While those articles focus on overall energy theories and the “Why?” behind going solar, this series will be […]

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An Engineer View of the Big Picture – Chapter 2 – How Power Grids Work

Hey team, Adam here.  Welcome to our 2021 blog here at Whaling City Solar.  This unique “Engineers View of the Big Picture” series of articles are a witness statement on why my wife and I put solar panels on our […]

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WCS Hardware Review – The P370 Power Optimizer by SolarEdge

Welcome all to another installment of our Whaling City Solar Hardware Guide. We believe that sharing our collective knowledge with you our prospective customers allows us to talk to each other in the same language. Doesn’t matter if it’s a […]

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